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Where Are Greg and Renee?

Ushuaia, Argentina


Here we are right now - At the bottom of the world...or at least of the South American continent. It is cold and it is rainy, and we are hanging out adjusting to the sensation that we can´t go any farther south (well, there is always Antartica :)

Hope the travel map works..

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Finally...March Photos

click here to see some photos of our adventures in March!


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Chillin´in Chile

Punta Arenas, Chile

semi-overcast 40 °F

It feels so good to be in one place for several days with nothing to do but chill. And chill we are as we are in the land of near freezing temperatures and central heat. Our hostel is a turn of the century home. Run by a single man in his early 40s, the home feels like a home and we are taking advantage of lounging about and cooking meals, and doing not much. It sort of feels like I am visiting a grandma or great aunt or something (though i only recall my great grandmothers home ever feeling like this) - the decor is very dated!

We really like this city - there are tourists but it is not touristy. The streets are filled with normal people doing normal things and we feel normal being here. Its almost like we just sort of fit it and no one really pays attention to us. We are just sort of wandering around taking in the scene and absorbing chilean life near the edge of the continent - not concerned with much of anything.

It is liberating to blend in and just exist. Here is an example...

There is this reallty cool public transportation thing going on here....there are´regular taxis that take private parties where they want to go...and then there are taxis that act like buses (collectivos) - the cars have big numbers on the roofs that represent the routes. They stop any time someone flags them, and they will let you off anywhere a rider needs...there are 4 spaces in the car, so once they are full, thats it. There are a lot of them, though, so everyone seems to get everywhere they need to go. If you need a ride you show how many spaces you need on your fingers while standing on the side of the road - the taxi stops, in you go. Its sort of like a bus in that people don´t chat too much amongst themselves, but just sort of take a ride to get where they need to go.

The first time we flagged one, we sort of observed what everyone else was doing - how they entered, how they paid, how they exited.....The second time we felt like pros and this made us feel like locals - we fit right in (except our spanish is still slightly faltering :)

All we can think is that we should have something like this in Santa Cruz. After all, there asre two ends of town and everyone is going somewhere in between those two ends.....

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